In The Name Of Allah

Respectfully, I beg to inform you that “Arvand Sea Land” international transport company by applying expert human force and providing extensive equipment in field of international transport and having widespread network of agency in Europe, Northern America, Southern America, Middle East, Far East and Persian Gulf, is proud of presenting the quickest services with complete competitive rates and consultation for introduction, guidance and selection of the most suitable approach of shipment from side of engineering and economic for goods owners. Some parts of this company’s services are introduced:
Shipping Services:
• Presenting of regular container services, for export to Middle East countries area, Eastern South Asia, Far East and vice versa.
• Presenting of chartering services for sea shipment of public goods, pile to all over and vice versa and consultation of refrigerated and chemical goods chartering.
• presenting of DOOR TO DOOR service. (Receive of goods from seller depot place and delivery to buyer place)
Land Transport:
• presenting of services for land shipment of whole and retail cargos from all Europe and Turkey origins to Iran.
• presenting of services for land shipment of cargos from Iran to all European and Middle East countries and especially Turkey and Iraq.
Customs and Transit Services:
• presenting of services for internal transit by container and without it with selection of the most economical approaches, as soon as possible.
• External transit to Middle Asian countries (CIS).
Aerial Transport:
• Aerial sending of cargos from all over the world to Iran and vice versa.
There is expectation that facilities of this company’s international transport be an effective pace for development and extension of our dear country’s great goals and customers’ satisfaction and the beginning of expanded cooperation between this company and that esteemed company.
There is a request that contact with these numbers for more information and receiving updated rates of shipment.

Arvand Sea Land International Transport Company
Telephone: 021-88527230
Fax: 021-88527231
Address: 6 No., 10 plate, 18th street, Shahid Ahmad Ghasir Street, Arzhantin Sq., Tehran